A First from Bridgestone

The True Balance putters are the first-ever line of short sticks from Bridgestone. The company known for its balls says the new putter defines a revolutionary change in feel and speed control on the greens.

This is done by realigning the fulcrum – the point of balance between the head and the grip. Bridgestone’s patented technology keeps the balance point less than five inches from the sole of the putter to allow the head to swing more freely and square up to the target naturally.

According to Bridgestone, the True Balance putters utilize a counter-counterbalance by using an ultralight graphite shaft and EVA grip. The putters have a stainless steel head construction and dual layer grooved insert for feel and roll performance.

Articles provided by Vartan Kupelian. Kupelian spent 40 years writing sports for daily newspapers, 37 of those at The Detroit News before he left that distinguished newspaper in August, 2008. He is the immediate past president of the Golf Writers Association of America. vartangolflive.com