A Modern Classic

The new Mack Daddy 2 Tour wedge from Callaway Golf matches its stunning look and feel with exceptional performance. Designed by the legendary Roger Cleveland, the Mack Daddy 2 has grooves that are 39 percent larger grooves which, according to Callaway’s engineers, provides 25 percent more spin out of the rough.

There’s plenty more to like. The Laser Milled Micro Grooves increase surface roughness for more spin and control. The wedge has a face pre-conditioned to add surface roughness after the micro grooves wear off.

The custom sole T-Grind offers heel/toe relief with a straighter leading edge for improved turf interaction, a critical function for wedges. The Mack Daddy 2 Tour is forged from 1020 carbon steel for ultra-soft feel. It is available in two finishes – Chrome and Slate. The Chrome has a rich yet muted look which reduces glare. The Slate finish is pre-oxidized. Over time, it will have the Tour-preferred non-glare look.

Articles provided by Vartan Kupelian. Kupelian spent 40 years writing sports for daily newspapers, 37 of those at The Detroit News before he left that distinguished newspaper in August, 2008. He is the immediate past president of the Golf Writers Association of America. vartangolflive.com